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Graphtec Vinyl Cutter Plotter CE6000-60

Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Vinyl Plotter and Cutter (603mm x 50m)

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Graphtec Vinyl Cutter Plotter CE6000-60 (Incl. Stand) £1,495.00

Large Format Vinyl Cutter Plotter for Digital Media 

The Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Plotter Cutter Series sets the standard for high performance, low cost cutting plotters. The CE6000-60 is equipped with professional features for sign makers. This includes registration mark sensing and perforation cutting. The advanced features of the CE6000-60 are ideal for large format digital media projects, and improve your work efficiency, while increasing productivity.

Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Overview

  • Ideal Large Format Plotter Cutter for Digital Media such as Self Adhesive Vinyl.
  • Maximum Cutting Area of 603mm x 50m.
  • Mountable Vinyl media width of 712mm (maximum) to 50mm (minimum).
  • Programmable Cutting Force of 4.41N (450gf) in 38 steps (guaranteed). Max.force 4.9N (500gf).
  • Maximum Speed of 900mm/per second.

Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Features

Reliable Long Length Plotting and Cutting

The CE6000-60 Vinyl Plotter Cutter features a new media feed which offers increased stability. In addition, a brake system is built in to the CE6000-60 to prevent the media roll from unwinding, while also assisting with the correct loading of heavy roll media.

Automatic Paneling

Auto-paneling is a new feature that is included on the CE6000-60 that automatically splits long-length jobs into smaller pages which are cut sequentially but without any gaps. This results in a seamless, long-length finished job. This professional feature of the CE6000-60 means that accuracy and tracking is improved as media movement is limited to the smaller page being cut.

Supports Perforation Cutting

Perforation cutting is performed by controlling the cutting force of the CE6000-60 instead of the up/down movements of the blade, which in turn increases throughput. This is perfect for cutting separation lines for tearing out labels, fold lines for POP signs, and other jobs.

Auto Registration Mark Sensing (ARMS)

Four Point Axis Alignment means increased accuracy and improved reliability of Print and Cut.

Auto Mark Detection ensures the first registration mark is automatically detected in a wide search area which eliminates the need to manually move the sensor.

Multiple Marks Compensation means that when the design is printed in the matrix copy function, the action of reading the marks and contour cutting is repeated with each copy which significantly improves productivity for Print and Cut.*

Segment Area Compensation is when the Four Point Axis Alingnment is performed for each segmented area by reading the mark in the middle of the media feeding direction and providing high precision alignment for long length Print and Cut.*

Auto Sensitivity Adjust means the sensitivity of the registration mark sensor is automatically set by measuring the reflective level of the mark and the background of the actual media.

Expanded Effective Cutting Area increasing production efficiency and potentially lowering overall job cost cost by reducing media waste.

Copy with ARMS allows fast access for making multiple copies of the downloaded data by adding the copy key to the control panel. It also supports the cutting data including the ARMS control command for processing multiple sheets without a PC.

Supports ARMS Commands means that the special command for controlling the Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System (ARMS) is also supported and perameters can be set from the PC using the included software.*

* Features available when used with Graphtec Studio of Cutting Master 3 Software.

Design Application Software Included

Main features of the Graphtech Studio Software included with the CE6000-60 Vinyl Plotter Cutter are as follows:

  • Creating designs using auto-shape, various line types, and others.
  • Editing the characters using rotate, mirror, fit-to-shape, and outline.
  • Auto-trace (bmp, tif, jpg, etc. image format).
  • Supports the connection and switching of multiple plotters.

Graphtec CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Availability

Delivery for the CE6000-60 will normally be 2-3 working days subject to availability at time of order. We will contact you to confirm delivery date as soon as we receive your order. In the meantime, should you need any further information or assistance, please contact us.

Need a larger Graphtec Vinyl Cutter Plotter?

UK Sign Products can also offer the Graphtec Vinyl Cutter Plotter CE6000-120 which increases your maximum cutting area to 1213mm x 50m.


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